Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene Coming

The possibly - probably impending hurricane coming towards NYC (after NC) is all over the news. Regardless, there will probably be a lot of rain this weekend. I started making mental preparations in my head yesterday. Fill things that hold water with water. Make hard-boiled eggs. Make cookies - my mom always made cookies before storms when we were growing up. And hard-boiled eggs, but the cookies were more fun.

Mr. D came home last night after a going away party for a colleague, and in his slightly inebriated state, started saying that he was going to post on facebook that he didn't know he had married my mother (as i was making crazy preparations).

Then he said, that isn't it better if the eye of the storm passes over us - it's the calmest. I had to explain that the storm is the worst around the eye.

Fast forward to this morning when the same man is telling me that I should probably go get food this weekend. Which I was going to do anyway, because we need some for this weekend, but now the whole thing is made more difficult by the fact that the stores will be crizazy.

Also thinking about other times when I've "prepared/waited out" a hurricane. When Rita came through Houston after Katrina hit New Orleans, I had just started dating Mr. D, and all of his friends were IMing me to evacuate to his place in Austin. I remember watching I-45 out my office window, and seeing it absolutely packed with cars headed to Dallas. I was headed to a friend's wedding that weekend, so I pushed my flight forward and my dad took me to the airport before it closed.

When we moved to NYC, my brother and some of his friends from medical school came to stay with us the first weekend we moved in. Ike was headed towards Galveston (where they went to med school) that weekend, and I remember watching the news with them all weekend (but especially at the BBQ restaurant) and seeing their reactions. Especially Nick worrying about his turtle.

Off to re-look up Alton Brown's cookie recipe...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Words that Should NEVER Appear in Your Resume

A sampling - it's the Friday before the holiday weekend, so I thought I would add some (my) work-related humor. I have actually seen all of these words/phrases in resumes/cover letters that were sent to my company:

- night club
- prowess
- nitty-gritty
-"I'm likeable."
- "those were dark days indeed"

La la - getting ready for a fun weekend in Ft. Worth with J&R - and Mr. D and I both got free upgrades - yippee

Friday, June 24, 2011

Home Alone - the Grown-Up Version

These past TEN days without Mr. D have been weird - I feel like my parents are out of town or something (not that I think Mr. D is my parent), even though (as I complained to AB's husband in college), "I AM a grown-up." Sasha and I just don't know what to do with ourselves. I mean, there are people to see and things to do, but it's just weird. I think it's because he is missing and he is coming back.

So the fun parts have been that I get to cook and eat whatever I want, whenever I want. So, I made a batch of lentil salad (insert sisterly comments of disgust here), and ate at 7:00 or 8:30 or 9:00 depending on what I felt like. I saw a recipe for strawberry fool in the NYT. Strawberry fool is pureed strawberries and whipped cream, mixed together. Now, I'm pretty sure I have "invented" this before, as I love whipped cream (and Cool Whip). When I was in junior high (ok, high school, ok, now) I have been known to take a spoon and eat Cool Whip plain. It's hereditary, my dad does it too (and my brother, not so much my sissies). Anyway, I may have had this 3 or 4 times while Mr. D has been gone. It's really easy with the stick blender. Put strawberries in cup, puree, scoop in bowl. Put whisk attachment on, put cream in cup, whip, scoop in bowl. Stir. Done.

Another guilty pleasure is that I get to watch all the stupid shows I like on USA. Mr. D does NOT like them (though he's the reason we still watch Survivor, so....), so I usually watch them when he has a late day at the office, but this week I watched them without having to listen to him grumble.

I FINALLY got a Skype from him last night, since my brother-in-law managed to Skype my sister multiple times, and all I got was an email. The reason: they had an amazing wi-fi connection at the bar (ps they say weefee in France/Italy, how cute is that?). He called again later, so I got to meet his roommate for the trip and talk to my cousin (and hear hilarious stories of my brother's antics).

So, Mr. D is back tomorrow, but I leave tonight for St. Louis for a family trip, so I won't get to see him until Sunday night. Sasha is going to be upset when she realizes she doesn't get a whole half of the bed (and one morning she (the 20 lb dog) had managed to push me all the way to the edge.